How We Work

We are big on co-innovation. Our working style, simply put, is that we do our best work when our clients are part of the process. It’s much more effective than locking ourselves in a room for a few weeks before inviting you in for a “ta-da” meeting. We are intentional about an environment that embraces transparency and we firmly believe in speaking the unspoken. We value working together, collectively making smart micro-decisions from start to end.

What we do

Strategy & Consulting

We are partners for work that matters. That means that we are genuinely excited by the mission of your organization and we truly believe in the work that you do. We understand that sometimes vision can get lost in the hustle and bustle of each day, so we work with you to come up with innovative strategies and solutions to help you succeed in your day-to-day operations.


Taking inspiration from some of our favourite companies and business leaders such as Google Ventures, Simon Sinek and Patrick Lencioni, we’ve designed various kinds of Strategy Sessions that allow both your team and ours to dive deeply into your organization and address the creative challenges that you may be wanting to solve. We combine our team’s collective experience with what we are continuously learning in the technology and nonprofit sectors in order to find new ways to see the world and change it with work that matters. We are also experienced in working with donors and ministry partners and developing ministry strategies to help them become more involved with your work.

Our Sprints, for example, are the methodology to get to the best results while skipping the right steps in order to get there efficiently.  And while we typically use a similar process across sessions, no two Sprints are ever the same. We create a custom session for each client because each challenge is unique to your needs. In most Strategy Sessions, you’ll walk away with a polished document summarizing the discoveries that we have learned during our time together, allowing you to have a tangible tool that can be easily transferable to the rest of your team.


Every project is unique. Every organization brings its own set of challenges that need to be addressed on a case per case basis; so we do our homework before jumping in. We strive to approach each case with informed decisions about what’s going on in the market, as well as understanding the underlying psychological drivers in consumer decisions. 

In partnership with The Right Brain People®, we also strive to understand what is going on beneath the surface. Unlike Focus Group techniques, Dr. Charles Kenny & Associates have created a proven methodology that allows trained analysts to sit down with consumers and conduct one-on-one interviews to uncover the psychological needs and barriers that people go through every time they interact with a brand. The results of Right Brain® interviews allow organizations to identify the right emotions, tone, and mind space to enhance the consumer journey. 

Organizational Clarity & Organizational Health

An inspiring dream. A world-changing vision. No worthy organization starts off without one. What’s yours? We help you discover your WHY so that you can  confidently discern how you go about your work and what is worth investing time and effort into. 

Your WHY is your raison d'etre, the most important thing about you. It’s what connects you to the people you’re trying to reach. When you have a clear WHY, you have a solid core that lets you build into the strongest strategies, tools, and projects for your organization.

But a clearly-defined WHY statement can only go so far; your team is the other half of the equation. While it is surely a perk to have your WHY statement as your rallying point, we also take interest in the health of your organization. We’ve learned lots of great things from great leaders like Patrick Lencioni (The Advantage),  Simon Sinek (Start with Why), and Ed Catmull (Creativity, Inc.) and share what we’ve learned to help make sure that your team is running as smoothly as possible.

Web Design & Development

When it comes to web development, everybody has a complex problem requiring an equally complex solution. Pre-packaged how-to's rarely achieve their goals, so we utilize our full-service team and extensive resources to develop custom solutions that meet each organization’s unique requirements.

Our process is highly agile. We begin with initial strategy and design, but constantly revise our approach as we learn new things throughout the building process.  Every web project is a journey, with our developers involved at the beginning and our designers and strategists involved till the end. This ensures a rock solid product that has been carefully crafted from conception to completion. We don’t shortchange or outsource any part of this process, as it is invaluable to have a whole team involved throughout the project’s lifespan. We firmly believe in co-innovating -- and the best idea wins.


We live in a visual society, and film has been an effective way to captivate the hearts and minds of an audience. The right film can take a viewer on an emotional  journey that allows them to engage with your content meaningfully. We work with a talented and experienced crew of writers, directors, editors, and sound technicians to create awe-inspiring content that communicates your message in an impactful way. 

Campaign & Communication Strategy

We help churches and nonprofit organizations create beautifully designed materials for various campaigns. We work with you from start to finish, carefully crafting a message that truly makes a lasting impact on the audience. We build cohesively unique campaigns in print and on social media. 

Donor Development

We work in the world of churches and nonprofits, so this realm is not a foreign concept. We understand that great organizations like yours are often backed by the generous support of amazing people. We create various kinds of Donor Development material that creatively and effectively communicates the vision behind each project to help recruit a team of partners to make the dream possible.