Signal Hill, LifeKits

Our friends at Signal Hill had a brilliant idea: to create an engaging curriculum that explores the themes of Human Growth and Development, Living in Community, and Human Relationships through integrated resources and lesson plans. We want to shift the way our culture values people and we believe that young children need to be empowered to make holistic and life-affirming choices in the future. For a year, Signal Hill continued to develop and shape their content and their materials and pilot-tested their idea in local elementary schools.

Project Goals

In order to positively impact children, we had to keep teachers and school administration in mind - we wanted them on board with incorporating Life Kits into the elementary school curriculum. We aimed to create a product that reflects the quality and importance of each life-affirming value within each lesson. We needed to create a brand that can be leveraged within a long-term strategy that children can continue to be familiar with as they grow older.

Creative Elements

Relatable Characters

Children love seeing relatable and approachable characters, so we created characters that “grow older” with the children as they progress through developmental stages (from K-7). The characters evoke relatable emotions that are easily accessible and age-appropriate.

Unique Elements

The USBs are laid out in such a way that they are easily accessible and easy to store. We also deliberately chose a wooden USB to signify the uniqueness of each individual we are trying to impact.

Intentional Packaging

We were very intentional with the overall packaging and feel of the product. We purposefully chose a tactile experience to aid in conveying the tenderness of the teaching approach. We housed the books in the package in a way that they are easy to pack away (and less likely to be “donated” to the local library).

The Results

The Life Kits are hot off the press. They were officially launched in January 2015 and were met with rave reviews from a group of local principals who were given the opportunity to be the first to see finished product. 

“It was so easy to say yes to everything Glass Canvas presented us with; it almost felt like we were hands off for most of the process! The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. Glass Canvas just gets us, and at the same time shows us how we can express that in new ways.”
Monique Van Berkel, Signal Hill