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We’re a bunch of storytellers, visionaries, designers and tech wizards.

We’re always up for new adventures because we’re stoked about changing the world together. We’re fiercely intentional about the Glass Canvas culture and we make sure we’re working with brilliant and inspiring individuals whom we can also call friends.

If you’re up to the challenge, we want to hear from you. Send us your story.

Changing the World at Glass Canvas

Work That Matters

We create what moves people to change the world. We’re all in for making a difference, and passion for doing work that matters is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Leaders Are Readers

We love this innovative world that we live in, but boy does it ever run fast! We’re dedicated to continuous learning so we can always bring our A-Game. Audiobooks allowed encouraged.


We’re not robots so we don’t act like robots. Cookie-cutter solutions and jargon-laden content make us cringe. We live for that tears-in-your-eyes, butterflies-in-your-stomach, goosebumps-on-your-skin ‘kinda feeling because changing the world is a pretty big deal.

No Drama Zone

We try to keep this simple: Playground rules apply. Yes = Yes and No = No. Speak the unspoken, but be kind (yes, that’s possible). Trust your team, because you can be sure that they’ve got your back.

The (not-so) Secret Sauce

We love to shape and colour as much as the next creative, but allow us to let you into our little secret: we click because we’re a united team. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We pray together, work together, and seek to understand each other’s whimsical worlds.

We've Defined The Relationship (and it's not complicated)

We happily work together during the week and willingly call each other up for family dessert nights. We grew up in different countries, speak different languages, and appreciate each other’s foreign flair (don’t be surprised to find dried mangoes or South African biltong in the office). We even fish at crazyo’clock in the morning together!



Full time ● Fort Langley

We’re looking for an experienced designer to join our creative team, someone who understands the structure of good design as well as the purpose behind it. Five years (ish) of industry experience is a requirement - we want you to be focusing on emotional drivers rather than design rules, because you already have them under your belt. You need to be a strategic thinker, capable of understanding nuanced differences that make design truly different. You work hard to make people feel something through your design.

Think you’d be a great fit?

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Full time ● Fort Langley

We’re looking for someone who’s adept at taking care of the behind the scenes magic. Your role is to manage the nitty gritty details, supporting our office culture and projects. We manage many clients at the same time, so we often have to juggle their requests, questions, and comments simultaneously. We’re also intentional about our office space, so you’ll make sure that the environment is not only efficient and well-organized, but also warm, friendly and welcoming. Your role requires an eye for the particulars, and the ability to take care of details between multiple projects. In a nutshell, you help our whole team to work effectively. We’re looking for someone who is detail oriented, organized, and can find a good deal on Craigslist or a flight to Dallas.

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Team Member

Full time ● Fort Langley

We’re gathering troops of people who want to work on the front lines of doing work that matters. Think you’d be a great recruit? The most attractive quality that we find in an individual is their ‘Why’ -- their raison d'être, the thing that makes them thrive. If you think that your ‘Why’ aligns with ours, then we’d love to hear about it!

Think you’d be a great fit?