Account Manager

Fort Langley | Full-Time

You bring our team and our clients to the same side of the table.

Showing people they’re cared for is your gift. You understand the importance of clearly communicating details about a project before being asked for them and eagerly pick up the phone to have conversations of all kinds with clients. You aren’t afraid to do the work needed to make things better, whether it’s for the benefit of a client, the team, or your life. Looking for more ways to collaborate with current clients is second nature to you because keeping good relationships can make your day. You embrace pressure like an old friend, doing your best work when the stakes are high and triumphantly celebrating the success of your team after the tough stuff is done.

Sound like you? Read on.

A typical day for an Account Manager:

8:57am - You accept the automatic call from the GC Conference Line for the team’s daily check in. It starts at 9, but if you’re late the team has the.. pleasure.. of hearing you sing.

9:15am - After making a coffee and comparing your latte art with one of the Producers, you organize your day. There’s a lot going on but your attention to detail keeps you on top of your game.

9:45am - You review your pitch deck one last time before heading in to lead a marketing proposal with a current client.

11:15am - You meet with a Producer to confirm and plan next steps from the earlier presentation and brainstorm ways to anticipate the client’s needs moving forward on the project.

12:00pm - You grab lunch with the team and settle into the lounge for a lively discussion about the latest happenings in the church and what’s new on Netflix.

12:45pm - With a timer set, you clear out your inbox and send any relevant updates before your clients even have a chance to ask for them.

1:30pm - You begin a Statement of Work for a new lead, doing preliminary planning and budgeting of each component.

3:00pm - While the Project Manager and relevant department heads review the SOW, you read an article about the new social media update just released to note how it affects your clients.

3:30pm - After receiving a signed contract from a client, you ensure their folder is organized and up to date with all pertinent legal documents.

4:30pm - In light of a client check in call tomorrow, you work with a Producer to finalize the Website Project Status Grid.

5:00pm - You input all your tasks in Toggl to track your time and keep your project budgets up to date.

5:15pm - You walk down the road with a couple of teammates to grab dinner with clients in town for a Design Sprint. A good day followed by good company.

You’re the best in the world (or at least trying to be) at

  • Listening to people and building authentic relationships
  • Understanding client needs and managing expectations
  • Considering big picture goals while strategizing current projects and following up on those potential avenues of collaboration with clients
  • Balancing multiple clients and projects at once
  • Creating and maintaining detailed project documentation (meeting notes, status updates, timelines, etc.)
  • Understanding team resourcing and advising on project planning
  • Clearly communicating and tracking project details
  • Interpreting data and implementing budgets
  • Adapting and multi-tasking in a rapidly changing workplace
  • Looking for ways to improve process and pivot in strategies to better reach long-term goals
  • Writing thorough pitches, proposals, and statements of work for web, strategy, branding, and content projects
  • Setting the tone for both clients and our team by leading with humility and staying cool under pressure
  • Asking for what you need and ensuring your team is well-equipped to move forward on tasks
  • Having difficult conversations internally and with clients
  • Understanding the dynamics of clients and the implications of that on our work
  • Managing a team and taking responsibility for their growth and development

You’re bringing

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in advertising, marketing, communications, general business, or related discipline
  • 2 - 4 years of account management experience in an agency environment
  • Experience with design, content, and web processes
  • Thorough understanding of current and emerging digital channels and technologies
  • Comfort using technology (Slack, Google Suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Excellent interpersonal, writing, and presentation skills
  • Willingness to travel when needed
  • Good stories and wisdom from previous successes and failures

We promise to

  • Do work that matters. We create what moves people to change culture for good.
  • Speak the unspoken. We’re honest and kind, saying and doing whatever it takes to help us become better humans and do better work.
  • Invite you to potlucks. We work and play as a team because we genuinely like building our community.

We have

  • The tools you need to do your job. We’re an Apple family and offer a laptop and phone (including unlimited data plan) for use while you’re here.
  • A medical benefits package for you and your family. There’s even a dentist down the hall.
  • An office in Fort Langley. There’s also the ability to work remotely on occasion, too.
  • Family-focused values. We love having spouses and kids drop by the office and are extra flexible when new babies are born.
  • Personal coffee-making tutorials. Espresso runs through our veins.
  • Fun gear to borrow after hours. Things like our RED camera are available for personal projects and who doesn’t like a movie played on a projector?
  • Daily team check-in and prayer time. Just as we work and play, we also work and pray.
  • A running club. And a non-running club.

Sound like the perfect fit?

Tell us about yourself and why you want to work with us. Apply for the position here.

Feel free to include a critique of your latest read or podcast episode. We love expanding our team library.