Office Manager

Fort Langley | Full-Time

You are known as a proactive multitasker whose second nature is making people feel right at home. You tackle everything, no matter how tedious, and often before others even notice. Your social perceptiveness is impeccable, making you the kind of person that cares for others in ways they didn’t even know they needed.

Sound like you? Read on.

Day In The Life of an Office Manager

9:00 AM - Daily check-in with the rest of the team where we communicate what projects each of us will be working on for the day, read from the gospel, and pray for our day.

9:15 AM - Make yourself a latte and catch up with operations to make sure you have an updated priority list.

9:30 AM  - You do a run through the office and make sure things are tidied up for the day; office supplies are stocked, whiteboards are clear, and meeting rooms are in order.

10:30 AM - You welcome a potential client who comes in for a meeting. You chat with them, make them a coffee, and make them feel at home.

11:15 AM - You finish up some filing and move on to organize onboarding documents that you’ll need for next week’s new hire training (that you’ll be leading).

12:30 AM - Have a bite to eat with coworkers while you chat about the latest news or netflix shows, or join our running club for a quick workout.

1:00 PM - You step out of the office to deposit cheques and run a few errands. While you’re out, you stop into the store to restock kitchen snacks, purchase tools for the new hire, and pick up a gift you’ll be sending to a close client of Glass Canvas who recently got married.

4:00 PM - Run the culture committee meeting to review your team’s responsibilities for the upcoming event you are planning.

5:00 PM - You input all your tasks in Toggl to track your time and keep project budgets up to date.

You Are Awesome At:

  • Organizing and setting up efficient systems for maintaining office supplies, managing insurance, planning team parties, etc.
  • Hospitality. As the face of GC, you care for our staff and make our clients feel welcome.
  • Managing an office, from the big things to the small things. You’re okay cleaning up after people and also telling people to get it together if they aren’t taking initiative.
  • Creating better processes by seeing issues before they become big issues and stepping up to find a solution without being asked.
  • Getting the day-to-day stuff done, like dropping things off at the post office, checking batteries, keeping coffee stocked, and coordinating weekly office cleaners.
  • Work with HR to coordinate certain tasks such as onboarding and new hire training.

How We Work

We strive to serve our clients and each other as God would. We care about being an open, humble, and supportive team. We believe that our work can’t be done well unless we’re a healthy team. That translates into a few things for us:

We Promise To

  • Do work that matters. We help churches, charities, and nonprofits inspire the world by building great brands and digital experiences. We’re changing culture for good.
  • Speak the unspoken. We’re honest and kind, saying and doing whatever it takes to help us become better humans and do better work.
  • Care for you. We want to celebrate your good times and walk with you through the hard times.
  • Invite you to potlucks. We genuinely like each other, and think building our community is an important part of being a healthy team, so we often spend time with one another in and out of office hours.

Sound like the perfect fit?

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