We accelerate growth and impact for ministries and nonprofits.

At Glass Canvas, we team up with faith-based organizations who share truth and inspire people to change our culture for the better.

We believe that world-changing teams like yours deserve best-in-class communication. We craft strategies and create marketing, digital, and content experiences so you can reach your audience powerfully and effectively. Focused on being an agent of change, our services fall into four main areas. 

Strategy & Branding

Every brand has a unique why. The foundation for all successful communications is a clear brand and message. We get to the heart of your organization and mission through research and listening. Then we help you align your organization with clarity and focus. We help you look ahead, define what you need, and create a clear roadmap of where you need to go. 

Research & Discovery
Strategy Sprints
Design Sprints
Ministry Strategy
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity & Voice Development
Organizational Health/Clarity
Audience Segmentation
Content Strategy
Donor Development 


We live in a digital world where technology has changed the course of how we go about our daily lives. As digital natives, staying ahead of the curve is in our DNA. We design digital experiences that ensure your ministry connects with your audience. 

Web Design & App Development 
Landing Pages
Custom Platforms
Digital Products
User Experience
Design Iteration & Testing
Ongoing Site & App Iteration Cycles 


Great storytelling that effectively evokes emotional responses is challenging. We create branded content that moves your organization forward by cutting through the noise of the digital world.

Digital Storytelling
Content Creation
Editorial Calendars
Social Assets
Blog Content 

Brand Engagement

We don’t just see your audience as a target but as a person. We know that creating deep and meaningful engagement happens when we use the right channel mix. We create integrated campaigns that inspire action. When needed, we can step in to help run the day-to-day tasks to keep your audience engaged.

Social Media
Campaign Ideation and Execution
Fundraising Campaigns
Marketing & Communication Roadmaps
Analytics & Reporting