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The Office of the Youth and Young Adults in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is the source for youth based ministries across the city. With so many young Catholics in the US leaving their faith in staggering proportions, the Office of Youth and Young Adults (OYYA) felt the urgency on their ministry to step into action.

Anthem wanted to recreate their brand that would present a life of faith to their audience in a completely fresh way.

What is the Office of Youth and Young Adults? 

Anthem has always sought after inviting students into a meaningful spiritual experience. The rebrand gave them a fresh look on big barriers. OYYA wanted a brand that was strong enough to draw young adults in, build trust, and actually make a difference in their lives. Anthem leadership spent a strategic week in the Glass Canvas office, fleshing out their "why" and "how", laying down the bricks of their brand goals. 

Rebrand: A New Look and a New Name

Introducing Anthem

OYYA has always had a conviction to create an inclusive space for young adults. In the Sprint process, they focused on this one mission, and their hope to make a memorable face for the organization. The result was rebranding OYYA as Anthem, a universal rallying call that represented Church roots. It was bold, intentional, and memorable. 

This brand refresh would unravel full brand guidelines for Anthem, including core values, tone and language, and content strategy that would align the organization’s future with the mission behind this new brand.

Anthem's Digital Presence

In order to reach the demographic where they were, Anthem wanted an engaging digital platform. As the “front door” to their ministry, the website needed to reflect Anthem’s new personality, complete with raw and relatable articles that would help support the site and build into an engaging content strategy.

Everyone is Invited

To drive home the message, Anthem committed to providing high quality, well-produced live events as an avenue to build a bridge of authentic community. Branding would play a key role, enticing an entertainment-driven audience to church events that didn't fit the regular church sterotype.

Only the Beginning

 The foundation under Anthem brand became the springboard to a thriving community. Today, the organization is supported by student volunteers and staff running regular programs and building a bridge between students and their faith.

Does your brand need to realign with your audience? 

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