Archdiocese of Vancouver, Man Alive

Man Alive is an annual men’s conference developed by the Archdiocese of Vancouver to help enrich the faith life of men in the greater Vancouver region.

Project Goals

Wouldn’t it be great if annual conferences always had fresh faces and attracted people outside the regular crowd? We wanted to reach guys who would never have seen this conference as worthwhile. We get that men -- especially those with young families or those just establishing their careers -- are busy, tired, and likely disinterested in attending conferences that they feel aren’t designed for them. So we knew that our goal was to develop a brand that communicates that Man Alive is for your normal, everyday guy who wants to grow in his faith. We aimed to develop a marketing strategy as well a look and feel to the conference that can be continued from year to year.

Creative Elements

Using Humour to Build Trust

For the 2013 conference promo video, we went for a tongue-in-cheek approach to create a video that most young men in our target demographic would relate to. We used humor in effort to build trust and help prospective participants cross the threshold of uncertainty about how pertinent a conference like Man Alive can be in their lives.

Get Manly

We understand that people react to visual cues in varied ways, so we created a collection of iconically masculine posters that were meant to evoke an emotional response to the viewer to help them understand the benefits of attending a men’s conference.

The Results

The 2013 promo video was so well-received that Salt and Light, a national television network, picked it up and aired it across the country. Meanwhile, the 2014 conference was sold out and had the youngest demographic of attendees to date.