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NLCC is a local church with an ardent desire to reach their neighbourhood and help their congregation grow to love God and love one another. The church recently went through a refining process to assess their core values and build upon the incredible heritage of their past. Building on their missionary identity, NLCC aimed to launch a vision for 2017 to get the congregation to be a church “on our knees, living the Gospel, with shared lives and generous love”.

Project Goals

As the needs and opportunities grew at NLCC, they started to realize the need for a renewed vision and an unprecedented execution plan. Their goal is to raise 3.8 million dollars by 2017 and introduce a new era in NLCC’s church history. Enter Glass Canvas. We understood that in order for the new vision plan to be effective, it needed to strategically communicate why the church is going through a process to reaffirm their values while explaining how they were going to achieve them. 

Creative Elements

Vision Video

Capitalizing on nostalgic moments using memorabilia from the past and juxtaposing it with dreams for the future, we created a powerful short video to capture the essence of NLCC’s vision for 2017.

Compelling Print Materials 

We initiated a First Fruits Campaign where we challenged the congregation to raise $380,000 (10% of the 3.8 million-dollar goal) during the Advent season of 2014. 

The Results

The First Fruits campaign yielded a whopping $486,000 without decreasing their regular weekly giving— that’s 127% ($116,000 above) their Advent goal! 

“Glass Canvas was instrumental in helping us communicate our vision to our congregation. We feel that the strategy and creativity were significant in helping us achieve our goal. Glass Canvas had to talk us into some of the pieces but we are really glad they did.” - Matthew Price, Lead Pastor NLCC

“Our partnership with Glass Canvas has provided a new dimension to our communication with our congregation. They have listened to our ideas and provided very constructive input where necessary. They have been very creative when we have left them to develop visuals and videos without our input. Not only have they listened and advised but they have developed and delivered to a very high standard. This is just how we envisioned the partnership would work and grow.” - Steve Boakes, Executive Pastor NLCC

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