Power to Change, The Life 

The Life (a ministry of Power to Change) is a pioneer in the realm of digital evangelism. Their effective web strategy across various sites has drawn over half a million website visitors each month. Their vision, to lead people on a spiritual journey in the digital space, invites website visitors to engage in conversations with one of their online mentors who is specifically trained to help take someone through the next step in his or her spiritual journey. To reach Christians online and in churches, The Life team decided to re-launch thelife.com and to create a video series to challenge people to make a full commitment to Jesus – to serve and obey Him anytime, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything.


Web Film

Project Goals

Many Christians often feel unmotivated or ill-equipped to share their faith, despite hearing and reading lots about evangelism. So the challenge is in creating effective tools to disciple believers to help them make an unqualified commitment to Christ and equip them to go and make disciples. Glass Canvas worked directly with The Life team in shaping, writing, filming and designing tools that are central to The Life’s discipleship-building strategy.

Creative Elements

Making Challenges a Good Thing

The website is designed like a personal action plan featuring awesome content that each individual user can choose to add to his or her personal to-do list. Each piece of online content, called a “challenge”,  is coupled with a concrete action step that invites users to act on what they have just seen on the website.

Let Sound Teaching and Captivating Stories Collide

Treasure: Jesus is Worth Everything is a series that takes the viewer through a journey of understanding what it truly means to live a life full-out for Christ. Profound Biblical teaching and relatable stories help the viewers explore their relationship with Jesus. All six episodes are available online for free so individuals can go through the videos and the accompanying study guide with an online mentor. 

An Out-of-the-Box Idea

In order to help drive down the teaching, we helped design a seven-week journey that churches and small groups can use while going through the material. We created a physical Treasure box, complete with DVDs of the film content, a study guide, well-designed commitment cards and a flash drive with extra resources. 

Behind The Scenes

The Results

The strength of The Life’s ministry lies with their 1,000-strong online mentors who are actively sharing their faith online. The new website is integral in continuously providing online tools to equip these mentors as they disciple others. The Life team has also established strategic partnerships with various ministries around the world, including a team in Poland who has added Polish subtitles to the films. Churches in the US, Canada, England, and India are running the Treasure series.

“The Glass Canvas team formed a terrific partnership with us as we worked to develop a major interactive web-based project called thelife.com. They provided critical insights about interaction with users that became the heart of the project. These insights were embedded in outstanding web-architecture and graphic design. They worked with us through coding and implementation to deliver an effectively working project on time. Just a great experience!"

Guy Saffold, The Life

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