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It’s difficult to talk about the end of life — grief and loss are two of the hardest things that we face in the human experience. Catholic Cemeteries, a ministry of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, supports and comforts people by providing families a beautiful place to prayerfully remember their loved ones.

Catholic Cemeteries wanted to share the beauty of their ministry in a new way that didn’t trigger fears surrounding end of life.

The Heart of the Audience

The strategy Sprint with Catholic Cemeteries, started by getting to the heart of the matter, delving into the emotional responses that people associate with the cemetery. We discovered emotional needs and barriers, learning how both the big and the small details can either connect or alienate people. 

A Brand that Comforts 

To establish a genuine interaction, we created a new brand and visual identity for Catholic Cemeteries. Based on our findings from emotional research, we wanted to be sure that they would be identified as a comforting and professional Catholic ministry from the first encounter. 

Humanizing our Presence 

The first step was simply creating conversation around ministry and family. We created a physical and social presence for Catholic Cemeteries that humanizes them as a ministry instead of a corporate business.  

The Results

By bringing their ministry of care and comfort to the forefront, both the effectiveness of their ministry and their overall presence within the Archdiocese of Vancouver has greatly improved. As a byproduct of increased emphasis on ministry, they have seen a significant increase in sales.

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