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Signal Hill was in the process of creating an engaging curriculum that explores the themes of Human Growth and Development, Living in Community, and Human Relationships through integrated resources and lesson plans. Their hope was to shift the way culture values people by empowering young children to make holistic and life-affirming choices.

Signal Hill asked us to come along and work on curriculum that reflects the quality and importance of each topic, while keeping the brand evergreen and engaging.

Relatable Characters

To bring the new brand to life, we began by developing storybook characters. The design style was timeless and would bridge a connection with kids and teachers, and make the topics engaging without trivializing it.

Intentional Packaging

The packaging was made with a tactile experience to convey the tenderness of the teaching approach and match the brand experience. Inside, the books were easy to pack away, offering parents and teachers tools that were easy to store and keep around for a long time. 

Evergreen Details

The USBs are laid out in such a way that they are easily accessible and easy to store. Wood casings also symbolized the uniqueness of each individual we are trying to impact.

The Impact

The Life Kits were met with rave reviews from a group of local principals who were given the opportunity to be the first to see finished product. 

β€œIt was so easy to say yes to everything Glass Canvas presented us with; it almost felt like we were hands off for most of the process! The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. Glass Canvas just gets us, and at the same time shows us how we can express that in new ways.” 

-Monique Van Berkel, Signal Hill

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