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Signal Hill is an organization that creatively and passionately builds up young people and tackles relevant cultural issues like the true meaning of beauty, the impact of social media, and the importance of seeing our value.

Signal Hill brought us into the mix to creatively and effectively express their brand.

Understand the Need

To rediscover themselves, Signal Hill moved into Glass Canvas for an intensive week of discovering the intentionality and heart behind what they were doing. The results of this were rooted in everything the company did, from making decisions as a team to relating to their donors and clients. 

Value Every Person 

Through this process, Signal Hill reestablished their values and credo: Value every person

This would set the tone for current and future programs, and the company’s operations overall. Because of the shift in the organization, it was important to develop guidelines from this new angle. For examples, new language encouraged a line of thinking that “feeds the roots rather than watering the leaves”. 

The Right Words to Say

Signal Hill walked away with a language toolkit that would help keep them on track and easily bring the rest of their team up to speed. To complement this, communication guidelines would help them unravel this new direction.

How Do You Talk About Taboo Topics?

As we developed Signal Hill’s language toolkit, the biggest obstacle was: how do you do connect with a culture that tends to have aversion to words related to pro-life topics?

As a way to break the barrier and keep the audience open-minded, the brand video approached their message in a less conventional way; pairing a provocative narrative and a unique angle. 

Value from the Inside Out

With strong internal communication, the external message is strengthened. Together, we established a diamond structure to represent the strength of each brand value. We challenged each team member to take the time to understand the mission and embrace their four core values. 


The result of organizational clarity is a healthy team that moves forward in the same direction. Signal Hill is reaching people in a depth and angle that is transforming lives.

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