We are an ecumenical community of creative problem solvers.

As a community of believers, our faith inspires everything we do. This means we aim to reflect the intricacy and beauty of His creation in our work. To do this we combine industry best practices while listening to the Holy Spirit.

Over the years these core beliefs have defined the way we work:

We believe in doing work that matters.

We do our best when we’re connected to our client’s mission. We want to know why you do what you do so we can help you be the best in your field. We also know the work we do is not just for our clients; it has the potential to go so much deeper.

We believe in co-innovation.

We can best solve problems by leaning into the wisdom and experience of our clients. It’s unimaginable to think we as a team could have the best ideas for your organization by ourselves, but collectively we can sharpen each other to make sure the best idea wins.

We believe in speaking the unspoken.

We put a premium on candor and getting to the heart of the issue at hand. We think the best solutions come from working through, not around, conflict. We’re constantly drilling for potential issues because we don’t have time to wait for them to arise - and neither do our clients. Healthy teams outperform dysfunctional ones every time.

We believe in pushing for greatness in all circumstances.

We care about quality, but more importantly we care about reaching back to the idea that this work is beyond us. If we’re going to invest time, energy, and money into something, we want to make sure it’s worthy of the mission being portrayed.

Jason Jensen

Partner / Director of Strategy

JM Boyd

Partner / Lead consultant

Pierre de Fleuriot

Partner / Creative director

Stefan Spicer

Partner / Technical Director

Luke Schenk

Director of Digital

Pat Padley

Director of INTEGRATED marketing

Simon Knauber

Director of Operations

Risa Roque

Sales manager / Executive Assistant

Hazelle Schenk


Bryce Perry


Andrea Pennoyer


Josh Anderton

Frontend Developer

Kelli Piccini

Account Coordinator

Sam Kirk

Account Manager

Shara Lee

Marketing Producer

Jordan ven der Buhs


Gareth Alexander

Digital project manager

April Nickel


Colleen Little