We are an ecumenical community of creative problem solvers.

As a community of believers, our faith inspires everything we do. To live this out, we combine industry best practices while listening to the Holy Spirit.

Over the years these core beliefs have defined the way we work:

We believe in being called & anointed.

When we follow God’s leading, everything is more efficient. We fiercely believe in holding each other and our clients accountable to excel in their calling and anointing, no matter the cost, in order to build the Kingdom as best as we can.

We believe in speaking the unspoken.

There is freedom in leaving nothing in the dark. When we give each other permission to speak what we don’t always want to say out loud, it brings down walls and builds up healthy teams. And a healthy team outperforms a smart team, every time.

We believe co-innovation is the best way to find a solution.

It’s more than just the best idea winning. It’s sifting through our combined knowledge, and working with how God is moving, to create lasting impact. It’s making our team part of your team, and coming together on the same side of the table. It is dreaming up what couldn’t be done separately.

We believe creativity comes from God-centered identity.

We don’t earn our identity, we receive it. Believing this and leaning into how we are made cultivates unbarred creativity. This frees us to refine our work without getting in the way. When our work comes from that freedom, the results are rich, allowing our work to deeply connect with people.

We believe in seeing the whole person.

Who we are can’t be compartmentalized. To relate well, you have to consider an individual’s past, present, and future. For our team, that means celebrating together in the good days and supporting one another in the bad days. This posture is how we build trust with our team, clients, and partners.  

We believe serving people well is built around empathy and data.

To create something based on the fullness of a person means the ability to fully connect. This translates into strategy that fiercely advocates for our client’s audience, and is always driven by understanding an audience experience and numbers to back it up. 

Jason Jensen

Partner / Director of Strategy

JM Boyd

Partner / Lead consultant

Pierre de Fleuriot

Partner / Creative director

Stefan Spicer

Partner / Technical Director

Luke Schenk

Director of Product

Pat Padley

Director of INTEGRATED marketing

Simon Knauber

Director of Operations / Controller

Risa Roque

Account coordinator / office manager

Bryce Perry


Josh Anderton

Frontend Developer

Kelli Piccini

Account Coordinator

Sam Kirk

Account Manager

Shara Lee


Gareth Alexander

Digital project manager

April Nickel


Colleen Little