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We believe in finding the right team rather than just filling a spot. If you're excited about building the Kingdom, working hard, and spending time with good people, check out our job opportunities.

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Office Tools

We provide everyone on our team with a laptop, phone, and phone plan. If you have a spouse, we can also bring them onto the GC phone plan.

Team Culture

We have brought together a pretty cool group that genuinely likes hanging around one another. We eat lunch as a team, spend weekends bringing our families together, and will always have your back, in and out of the office.

Extended Benefits

Our extended benefits include dental, physio, and massages. There’s even a dentist across the hall to make life that much easier.

Parental Leave

Family comes first, which for us, includes 2 weeks of paid time-off when your spouse has a baby.

Kid-Friendly Space

We love having families pop in! We even have a space in our office for your kids to play when they come visit you.

Open Concept

Our open-concept office overlooks Fort Langley, with big windows and lots of space for you to make yourself at home.

Flexible Hours

There’s lots of little things in life that have to get done during office hours, like dentist appointments and bank runs. We trust you’ll make up the hours that you need to take off.  

Really Good Coffee

If we ghosted as a coffee shop, people may just believe it. We are a little nuts about the quality of our caffeine. We even include a coffee machine tutorial in our new hires on-boarding to make sure you get the full experience.  

Fort Langley Office

Right in the heart of Fort Langley, we are just walking distance from coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, river trails, a physiotherapist, grocery store, barber, and more.